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Now in Montenegro - swimsuits that has won not only millions’ women hearts, but also got attention on the New Work Fashion Week
Your new swimsuit
Where do all these characteristics come from?
The European brand RoDaSoleil has developed and patented a material consisting of thousands of micro-pores that allow some ultraviolet rays to pass through. This way, you can achieve a healthy tan (and even tan if you also apply SPF lotion to exposed areas of the body) while protecting your skin from burning and photoaging. Additionally, the bright colors of the swimsuit will conceal from prying eyes everything that should be hidden.
Protect the whole family

Taking sunbaths in picturesque Montenegro is much more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about persuading your loved ones to apply sunscreen: offer your family a family look!

The husband will be glad that his spouse doesn't have to remind him to apply sunscreen on his shoulders, and the children will be happy to wear a swimsuit just like mom and dad.

The environment-friendliness
A smart swimsuit replaces at least three tubes of sunscreen, most of which contain harmful chemical elements that can harm the ocean ecosystem.

While some countries are enacting laws to ban the use of such products, RoDaSoleil is going further - during the production of smart swimsuits, over 500 tons of sunscreen have been kept out of the ocean.

We encourage wearing maximally covered models of smart swimsuits and to approach the selection of SPF protection products responsibly.
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